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Q: Will I always have the same cleaner?

A: When you book in for a regular weekly or fortnightly clean, we will match you with a cleaner who can come to you on a recurring basis. You will keep the same cleaner for every visit, unless your cleaner changes the area they work in or leaves the platform. We can send a replacement cleaner to you if your cleaner is away on holiday, however we cannot guarantee cover for last minute absence.

If you book in for a one-off visit, we cannot guarantee that the same cleaner will be available for your next clean.

Q: Can you provide commercial cleaners?

A: In addition to homes, we can provide office, shop and commercial cleaners. You can choose daily office cleaning in the morning, afternoon and evening. Weekly VAT invoicing is also available on request

Q: Will my cleaner be okay with pets?


All of our cleaners are comfortable with working in a house hold of pets including dogs. You are also able to add instructions for your clean to apply whilst cleaning in your home, such as making sure all windows and doors are kept closed, or letting your housekeeper know that your dog is scared of the hoover.


Please note: Your cleaner cannot feed, clean, walk or care for your pet.

Q: Can my housekeeper clean whilst I'm out?

A: All cleaners working at 24Hr Cleaning Contractors have been specially selected and have gone through vigorous background checks to ensure that our customers belongings and safety are not compromised. We have done this extensive background check and previous work references  so that you feel comfortable and can trust them to clean your home whilst you are out.

Q: Can I give my housekeeper cleaning instructions?

A: You are welcome to give your cleaners pacific cleaning instructions although our cleaners do follow a cleaning task sheet to ensure that nothing is left. 

Q: How does payment work?

A: We accept over the phone payments, alternatively customers can pay a fixed amount via bank transfer, our staff members do not accept any sort of cash whilst on the job.

Q: What happens if my cleaner is ill?

A: Under the unfortunate event of your cleaner being unable to carry out your weekly clean we can organise a rescheduled visit or provide you with a temporary cleaner to fill in on their absent.

Q: What extra services will my Housekeeper provide?

A:As well as a regular home cleaning service, your Housekeeper will also be able to provide the following services:

  • Ironing

  • Laundry

  • Indoor Window Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Fridge Cleaning

You can either add these services on to all visits

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